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Economic Development

Economic Development

A thriving economy equals a vibrant community

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90% of site selection consultants use economic development websites to research potential locations for their clients.

A well-designed website can have a significant impact on your city’s reputation, your economic success, and your ability to attract new businesses. Ultimately, it also helps to better the lives of your residents through the resulting increased investment and employment opportunities.

With the Govstack platform and digital ecosystem, you’ll have all the easy-to-use tools at your fingertips to attract businesses and skilled workers to your community. It provides an intuitive system that helps you showcase your city’s advantages and makes it easy for business owners and site selectors to find their required information and to stay current on relevant news and activities.

Enhance your business functions

The flexibility of the Govstack CMS gives you control of the content, layout, and functionality of your site. This will enable you to put resources such as directories of available lands and commercial buildings at the user’s fingertips. Site locaters will no longer need to waste time scouting suitable properties.


Our mobile-friendly accessible platform and highly experienced teams provide everything you need to uniquely cater to the requirements and interests of the business community.

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  1. Best practice adherence coupled with compelling page layouts ensure you offer must-have information including:
    • business-friendly regulations
    • workforce statistics for your community and surrounding regions
    • economic viability and affordability
    • local transportation and connection hubs
    • local business associations such as the Chamber of Commerce
  2. Search engine optimization tools help you improve your site traffic.

Create a business-friendly digital experience

Remove barriers with an intuitive navigational interface and make it easy for businesses to find and access the forms and services they need. Simplify finding information on available funding sources, workforce development programs and networking opportunities.

Leverage your enhanced digital presence to capitalize on new opportunities in the face of an ever-changing economic environment. Get some quick tips on how you can:

  • Provide financial incentives to small businesses
  • Build a reputation as forward-thinking
  • Create an environment supportive to business
  • Support education and workforce development by partnering with schools and training programs
  • Foster innovation and entrepreneurship

Empower your staff and your community

Govstack eliminates the need for coding knowledge so your staff can easily manage and promote events to engage your residents. Easily communicate emergencies and inform businesses about municipal-led business projects such as available funds, green initiatives, and employment programs that can help them succeed. Obtain valuable feedback and participation from businesses owners and community members.

You can also improve transparency by providing up-to-date information, progress reports, timelines and outcomes of various economic initiatives to enhance accountability.