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Reusable Pods

The 'Reusable Pods' sub-component allows you to insert a pre-defined pod onto your web page, which has already been set up and configured within your 'Global' node. Updating this pod in the global node will update the content wherever the reusable pod has been added across the site.

You cannot adjust or add additional settings to your Reusable Pod's sub-components when you insert it onto your page (other than adjusting the 'Pod' settings that you have inserted the Reusable Pod into), so ensure that your Reusable Pods follow proper accessibility formatting and adhere to content best practices when you initially create them.

Create and manage a Reusable Pod

To create and manage a Reusable Pod that you can insert onto multiple different web pages of your website, you must:

  1. Navigate to the 'Global' node in your Govstack 'Content' tree
  2. Select the 'Reusable Pods' option
  3. Select 'Create Pod Group'
  4. Select 'Add content'
  5. Enter a name for your Reusable Pod in the "Enter a name..." field prompt
  6. Insert and configure the different sub-components' content and their settings that you would like to have as part of your Reusable Pod
  7. From the 'Add content' slide-out panel, select your sub-component. You will then be taken to that sub-component's slide-out panel where you can adjust the content details and settings of that sub-component within your Reusable Pod
  8. If you would like to prevent Govstack users from deleting the Reusable Pod, select the 'Advanced' tab and select the 'Disable delete' toggle to 'YES'
  9. Save and publish your Reusable Pod when you are finished. You may also select 'Save' and come back to your unpublished Reusable Pod later.

Please note

You cannot use the Reusable Pod on your website until it is published

Available Reusable Pod sub-components

Reusable Pods, or 'pod groups' as they are called when you initially create them, are made up of sub-components, similar to a regular pod that you might insert onto a page. Govstack will remember this grouping of sub-components that you have inserted into your Reusable Pod and present them in the manner you have chosen for your 'Pod' settings on the page you are working with.

You can select from a variety of sub-components to include as part of your Reusable Pod:

Reusable Pod settings

Apply the look and layout settings of your Reusable Pod by adjusting the original 'Pod' settings that you have inserted the Reusable Pod into on your web page. You cannot adjust a Reusable Pod's sub-component's settings unless you are managing it within the 'Global' node.