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Copy a Page

In the Govstack content management system (CMS), you can copy a page and place it somewhere else on your website.

How to copy a page

To copy a page on your website, follow these steps:

  1. Find the page you would like to copy in the left-hand tree menu in the Govstack back office under the 'Content' tab
  2. Right click the page you wish to copy
  3. Select 'Copy' from the page menu
  4. Now you can choose where to place the copied page in your website navigation. Using the tree structure presented, select the page you would like your copied page to appear under (in other words, you are selecting your copied page's parent page)
  5. Select 'Copy'

Your copied page now appears in the new location. Make sure to 'Save and publish' the changes when you are finished with the copied page.

Please note

If the page you are copying has descendant pages (child pages) underneath of it in your website menu, these pages will also be copied and placed in the new location you choose.

Editing a copied page

Change the name of your copied page to reflect it's new purpose and content.

You can now edit the content on the newly copied page by selecting the content components and making any changes you'd like. If you make edits to the original page, your copied page will not have those same edits, and vice-versa. These essentially become two different versions of the same page.

Copying a page can help you save time if you are creating multiple pages that follow a similar structure.

Create page templates

Learn how to create a content page template to replicate an existing page's specific content components, layout and setting. This can help you save time when building content pages for similar tasks. For example, you might want to create a template for all application based pages on your website. 

Your Content Template will then appear as an option to pick from whenever you choose to create a new page in your CMS.