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Background Images

Within the Govstack Content Management System (CMS) 'Design' node, you can add and configure a background image for the body of your website, as well as a background image for your footer. 

Add a background image

To add a background image to the body of your website or to your footer, follow these steps:

  1. Select the 'Design' node in Govstack's left tree menu
  2. Select the design style that is currently in use for your website
  3. Select the 'Backgrounds' tab located at the top of teh page
  4. Select the '+' image box beside 'Body background image' or 'Footer background image'
  5. In the 'Select media' slide-out panel, locate the image you'd like to use. You need to upload the image in your Media folder beforehand
  6. Choose the image and click 'Select'
  7. You can choose to edit your image by selecting the pencil icon that appears when you hover over the image. You can edit the image's ratio, width and height (crop) and alternate text. Select 'Save and close' when you are done editing.
  8. If you would like to delete the image, select the 'X' icon that appears when you hover over the image
  9. Select the 'body or footer background image options'
  10. Select 'Save and Publish' when you are finished

Image options

With these options, you can position your background image in the following formats:

  • The 'Cover' option positions your full image to cover the entire body or footer.
  • The 'Full-Width' option positions your entire image to be displayed horizontally across the screen from one end of the image to the other.
  • The 'Auto' option allows Govstack to choose for itself the best positioning for the image. This may involve zooming in or out of the image, or repeating the image.
  • The "Repeat' option positions your image to be repeated both horizontally and vertically in the body or footer.
  • The 'Repeat Horizontal' option positions your image to be repeated horizontally across the body or footer if the image is small enough.
  • The 'Repeat Vertical' option positions your image to be repeated vertically across the body or footer if the image is small enough. 

You can also manually position your image to the centre, far corners, left, right, top and bottom of your body or footer by selecting the centre or arrow icons next to the positioning options. This will either position your single image to the direction you choose, or select the area that the image will be repeated.

Can't access the Design features?

If you do not see the 'Design' node in the Govstack back office, you may not have access to certain design elements for your website based on your chosen Govstack plan.

Contact your GHD Digital Account Executive if you would like to access this 'Design' node