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Standalone Microsites

With the Govstack content management system (CMS), a standalone microsite exists separate from your primary website. A standalone microsite:

  • Can either share the same domain as your primary website (i.e., or have its own domain (i.e.,
  • Will have its own visual theme and primary navigation
  • Will have its own News node, Alerts node and Subscribe node
  • Cannot display or share reusable content components or pods from your primary website

Add a standalone microsite to your Govstack plan

To add a standalone microsite to your Govstack plan, please reach out to your GHD Digital account executive, or contact us via our support portal.

Set up your standalone microsite

Once the microsite has been added, you should see a 'Standalone Microsite' node in your left-hand tree menu under the 'Content' tab. This serves as the home page for your microsite and it can be built using the same components for its interior pages as your primary website, just like you are building another page in your regular site. You can also re-name the 'Standalone Microsite' node by editing the name field at the top of the page under the page's 'Content' tab to better describe the purpose or title of your microsite.

You can add descendant pages (or child/interior pages) to your integrated microsite and build out its navigation by hovering over your 'Integrated Microsite' node and selecting the ellipsis (or the "... " icon) from the left-hand tree menu. Select "Page" to create a new page within the microsite.

Depending on your Govstack plan, you may also be able to create the following items with the ellipsis icon:

  • Page
  • News landing page
  • Alerts folder
  • Parsers folder
  • Subscribe page
  • Contacts landing page
  • Search engine configurations