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Cancel an Event

There may be times when you need to cancel an event and remove it from Govstack Events.

Access My Events

Select the “My Events” tab from the calendar toolbar. This will take you to a screen with a list of all the events that you have created or have access to. Use the “Events” dropdown menu to access events from different calendars. The events you can access will depend on your user permissions.

Event cancellation options

You can cancel an event by selecting the “Cancel Event” button next to the event you want to delete from the “My Events” page.

Select one of the cancellation confirmation options:

  • “Yes, Cancel Event and Send Cancellation Email to all Registrants”
  • “Yes, Cancel Event”
  • “Back”

Depending on your user permissions, you may have to get approval from a Calendar Administrator in order for the event to be removed from the calendar.

Cancel multiple events

You can cancel multiple events at once by selecting the checkbox next to the events you'd like to cancel on the “My Events” page.

Choose one of the cancellation options from the toolbar:

  • “Cancel Selected Event(s) and Send Cancellation Email to all Registrants”
  • “Cancel Selected Event(s)”

You will be asked to confirm your selection before the event is permanently cancelled.