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You can add images to your online forms as a helpful way to engage your users in your messaging and align with your branding more effectively.

How to add an image

To add an image into your form, you must first create a new form in Govstack Forms, then:

  1. Add a Presentation question type
  2. In the design tab, click the icon to “Edit Question Details” in the presentation question where you would like to add an image
  3. Scroll down to the presentation text area, click the image icon to “Insert/edit an image” in the farthest right of the toolbar
  4. In the pop-up box, add the image's “Source”. This can be found by right-clicking an image in the media tab and opening it in a new window. The URL in the address bar will be the required source.
  5. Add an image description so users with visual impairments can also understand the image
  6. Change the dimensions of the image, if applicable
  7. Click “Ok” once ready to insert image into Presentation text
  8. Remember to click “Save” at the bottom of your form once you have added the image

Adjust the image

Once you've added an image into the presentation text within the form, you have the ability to move the image around and resize it. Select the corner markers to resize the image.