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Govstack Forms makes it easy to build online surveys for your website. With a variety of question options to choose from, you can create a survey that draws interest and helps you gather information from your stakeholders.

Create a survey

The process to create a survey begins the same way as creating a form in Govstack Forms:

  1. Start by creating a new form in Govstack Forms
  2. Decide if you need to add page conditions
  3. Add your question types to build out the survey
  4. Add images within your form to make it engaging to users and align with your brand messaging
  5. Consider adding status tracking to your survey to get direct notifications of responses through email

How to gather responses from survey

You follow the same process as a regular form to gather responses from your survey in Govstack Forms. View our responses page for more details on how to export and receive individual responses.

If you wish to gather your responses and compare them in a more comprehensive display, we recommend that you download the report once your survey has closed to stakeholders.