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5 Key Learnings from Conversations with Municipalities

Team Govstack
Published Dec 5, 2023

Since Govstack first launched in 2023, our team has attended many conferences throughout Canada and the US. They have talked to representatives from numerous cities and towns about the difficulties they face in serving the needs of their residents in a more digital world. 

While many are eager to move their communities forward digitally, they have some common concerns. We want to share some of those with you in the hope that their insights will aid in your digital transformation efforts.


Communication and technology 

Municipalities can communicate with residents in several ways. However, if they fail to do so effectively or utilize appropriate tools, messages may become muddled or disregarded. We learned about the struggles many municipalities face in keeping the lines of communications open for residents. Residents want modern technology (like chat bots and SMS) for better and more direct communication. 

User experience 

User experience is another key area of concern. It is tough for municipalities to communicate with residents when their websites are difficult to use. Some find it challenging to use a third-party to manage and update their sites. There is also the issue of navigation that is often cumbersome and off-putting for residents. 

AI and security  

AI is a topic of considerable concern for many municipalities. Their response is in direct proportion to the size of their municipality. Larger cities appear more eager to embrace the possibilities of AI, while smaller communities are more cautious. 

Regardless of the size of the municipality, one area of agreement is security. They are all concerned with the potential risk that AI poses to their community. 

Economic development initiatives 

A thriving community requires a connected citizenry and long-term economic viability. It is difficult to have one without the other. Mayors and other local government leaders actively try to attract businesses and visitors to their areas to stimulate revenue. Finding value-driven solutions to maximize economic growth poses a significant challenge for local leaders. 

Keeping up with technological advancements 

Another important takeaway from our conference discussions is the battle to keep up with technology. Many municipalities feel like they are always playing catch-up. The problem gets worse when trying to compete with nearby communities. This technological one-upmanship  seems never-ending! 


These conversations have helped our team better understand the challenges our customers face as society becomes more digital. They have been privileged to share helpful recommendations with government stakeholders on how to tackle the challenges mentioned above. As expected, the Govstack Platform features prominently in their recommendations due to its flexibility, scalability, and security. 

Managing communication and technology requires leveraging tools such as alert banners and social media integrations which can help strengthen two-way communication. These are integral components of the Govstack solution. 

To improve user experience, the focus should be on website navigation, search features, and user-friendly tools for administrators. Our platform offers all these features. 

To make AI safe for their residents, government organizations need to reduce risks, control permissions, use encryption, and follow strict guidelines and rules. 

A microsite on the Govstack Platform can aid in economic development efforts and assist towns in promoting important projects, events, and attractions. It can also help them share urgent information to attract businesses and visitors. (Our recent solutions, Parks & Facilities and Business Directory are aimed at strengthening economic development efforts.) 

We are sympathetic to the challenges of keeping up with technological advancements. So much so, that scalability is a cornerstone of the Govstack platform. It grows with the needs of both the municipality and the communities they serve. 

This last year has been a whirlwind of learning and creating new connections. We look forward to returning to these events next year to see how their digital journeys progress. We hope that our suggestions have been helpful as they continue to develop their digital roadmaps.

Are you ready to take the next step in your municipality’s digital journey? Connect with us to learn how you can make it happen in 2024.