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Email Options

You can use email options to add multiple different email notifications to each form you create. This helps you manage form submissions. For example, you may choose to create one form for all permits. Depending on the specific permit that a visitor selects, you can ensure that an email notification is sent to the appropriate contact.

Locate email options

To locate email options in Govstack Forms, select the appropriate form then choose the “Options” tab from the toolbar located at the top of the page. Once on the “Options” page, select “Email Options” from the vertical menu located on the left side of the page.

Add a new email option

Select the “Insert Email Options After…” button located near the top of the page. Each form you create will automatically send an email notification to the person who created the form.

Depending on who is responsible for reviewing the form responses, you may want to add additional email options to the form or modify the default option. You can create up to 50 email response options for each form.

Complete the email options form

There are a variety of different email options available for each recipient you set up. Complete the “Email Option” form for each email option you create.

Select the “Yes, limit the email notification to specific responses with questions answered” checkbox if you want an email notification to go to a specific recipient based on how certain questions are answered on the form.

To do this:

  • Choose the conditional question from the “Please Select a Question…” dropdown menu
  • Select one of the condition options from the “Equal To” dropdown menu
  • Choose the answer to the question that applies to the condition you selected

Review how to set up page and question conditions.

  • Select the “Send email notification immediately on form completion” checkbox if you want to receive notifications as soon as the form is submitted
  • Select the “Send email notification XX days after form completion” checkbox if you want to send email notifications a certain number of days after the form was completed

  • Select the “Use a static recipient” checkbox if you want the notification to go to the same recipient every time
  • Select the “Use an email address from an answer to a question on the form” if you'd like to send a confirmation email to the individual who filled out the form

If you select “Use a static recipient” for the question above, enter the recipient email address(es) in the “Recipient” field. To enter multiple email addresses, separate each email address using a semi-colon.

If you select “Use an email address from an answer to a question on the form” for the question above, you will need to choose a question from the “Question With Email” dropdown menu.

Insert the email address that you want to send the email notification from.

Enter an email address in the “Reply To” field if you want any replies to the email to go to a different email address than the “From” email address. To enter multiple email addresses, separate each email address using a semi-colon.

Enter any recipient email addresses you'd like copied (CC) or blind copied (BCC).

Enter the subject of the email in the “Subject” field. This will auto-fill with “Thank you for your response to ##Name##.” The ##Name## represents the name of the form.

You can include an attachment with the email notification.

To upload a file:

  • Select the “Browse” button in the “File Upload Attachments” field
  • Find the document you'd like to attach
  • Click the “Upload” button to add the document as an attachment

Select the “Yes, attach uploaded files to specific responses of answered questions” checkbox if you'd like to attach a file based on the answers to specific questions.

If you select the “PDF Attachment of Response” checkbox, Form Builder will add a PDF attachment to the email notification with a list of the respondent's answers.

You can customize the message in the outgoing email notification by editing the “Body” field.

Once you've completed the form, select the “Save” button at the bottom to complete the process.

System email options

You can configure email responses for emails that get sent out when a form is saved part way through completion or if a refund is issued for a form with eCommerce.

To configure the email for a saved form, you need to:

  1. Navigate to the appropriate form
  2. Select the "Options" tab from the top menu
  3. Choose "Email Options" from the side menu
  4. Then, select the "System Email Options" hyperlink located near the top of the email options screen
  5. From the "Name" dropdown menu, select "Email - Saved"
  6. Complete the necessary fields
  7. Select the "Save" button to complete the process

Please note

You will need to enable the save button on the form through the general form options before you can configure the email.