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You can download all form responses using Govstack Forms. This allows you to easily track and analyze responses. For each form, you have the option to download complete responses, partial responses or all responses.

To access the exports:

  1. Navigate to the appropriate form in Govstack Forms
  2. Select the “View Reponses” button next to the form name or select the “Responses” tab located in the toolbar near the top of the form
  3. Click the “Export Responses” button on the left side of the page

Export options

For each export option, you can choose to export a compact or expanded file.

Click the dropdown menu below each option and choose “Compact” or “Expanded” from the list.

Compact questions provide a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file with one answer per column. You can then transfer this document to an existing database or Excel spreadsheet for further analysis.

Expanded questions provide a CSV file with one column per possible answer. The expanded question format is only useful if your form uses multiple-choice questions.