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Alt Text and Images

Alt text is an image attribute used by assistive technologies or in situations where images cannot display properly because of bandwidth or browser issues. While images enhance the message on your web page, they should not replace text content.

Add alt text

When you add an image in the Govstack Content Management System, there is a field where you can enter your image's alt text. 

Create effective alt text

Your alt text should give enough information and context that someone could easily understand what is being displayed. It should have meaning and value to the visitor. Don't include "image of" or "picture of" as devices will be aware that your alt text refers to the image.


An example of good alt text for this image is "Young woman eating pizza, laughing and enjoying time with her friends." Bad alt text could be "image of eating food".

Young woman eating pizza, laughing and enjoying time with her friends.


Decorative images

You should provide alt text for each image unless it is purely decorative, e.g., a ribbon or other element of a page's design.

Don't use text in images

For both usability and accessibility, try not to use text inside of an image. If there is any text in your image, make sure to include it in your alt text.

Using text in images also negatively affects your Search Engine Optimization (SEO), as search engines cannot use text that is inside of an image.