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Govstack Platform User Management

Govstack platform users with admin access can assign users with access to products within the platform, view user details and information and set up different authentication features.

Depending on the type of user management system your organization uses, admins can also add new users to the platform and remove users.

Add a platform user

Learn how to add a new user to your Govstack platform depending on whether your organization is using its own active directory and IdP for user management or using a local Govstack directory.

Set a new user password

If you are signing into your Govstack platform for the first time and your organization is using a local Govstack directory for user management, you will need to set up your platform login password.

Deactivate a user

Learn how to remove a user from your Govstack platform if they are leaving your organization or no longer require access.

Authentication features

As an admin user, you can authenticate your users' credentials with features like validation emails and forced password resets.

User reports and details

View a variety of reports and details for your Govstack platform users, including data on login history, emails and changes to user information.