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Secure Pages

Secure Pages is an add-on module for Govstack. Secure Pages allows you to control access to an area of your website that is reserved for authorized viewers only. This is often called the Members Section. This can be used for specific audiences viewing either confidential information, or other content that is not meant for a general public audience. For example, Secure Pages could be used to host content for your internal teams.  

Please contact your Account Manager if this is a feature you'd like to add on to your website. 

This page will go over the different features found on the Secure Pages after GHD Digital has configured the module for you. 

Secure Pages set-up

Before GHD Digital can set up your Secure Pages module, you will need to send the following to your Implementation Specialist:

  • The name of the members group(s)
    • This is what you will name the group(s) that can access the Members Section
  • The sitemap for the Members Section
  • Whether or not the Secure Pages will allow public registration
  • If the login button to Secure Pages will be visible or hidden to the public on the main website
  • Which user group(s) should be given access to the Members Section
  • Which users should be assigned, or cross-assigned, to the "Sensitive data" user group

Registration page

Unless otherwise requested, all Secure Pages will have a Registration page. 

The Registration page includes a Register form that will need to be completed to become a member of your website. Admins will need to approve membership registration prior to the new member being able to access the content on the secure pages.

Login page

To access the content in the Secure Pages, users will have to sign in via the Login page. The login page will also include a link to the Registration page for those who haven't registered yet.

Successful logins will send the user to the main page in the Secure Pages area. 

User permissions

You will have at least one admin user who has access to assigning members to the sensitive member group. You can learn more about user permissions by visiting our users and permissions page.

Restricting access

Secure Pages are only accessible for registered and approved members. When set up, Secure Pages will restrict public access to the section, and only provide access to the specified member groups. Members of the public who try to access the secure pages will receive an Access Denied page.