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Take control of your calendar with Govstack Events

By Rebecca Christoforidis
Published May 29, 2023

Governments hosts myriad events throughout the year. These can take the form of conferences, seminars, public meetings, ceremonial assemblies, or the more entertaining community-based affairs such as exhibitions, concerts, and fireworks. Very often, they need to manage multiple events in a single week. Without the right tool to juggle multiple calendars and all the associated dates and deadlines, the risk of mismanagement can be significant.  

Depending upon the size and resources available to a municipality, the task of event management may fall to an individual, or several people across multiple departments. In either scenario, managing multiple events, and their contingencies can pose significant challenges as collaboration and access to key information becomes increasingly difficult. 

Challenges of event organization

  •  When managing multiple calendars, the possibility of events overlapping or clashing is ever present reality. It can lead to confusion, overbooking, double-booking, and result is a poorly facilitated event. 
  • If you are coordinating with other individuals or departments on multiple events across different calendars, keeping all stakeholders aligned can prove difficult. Making sure everyone is on the same page, and receiving the same updates, requires an effective means of communication and a platform to record and revisit these vital communication magnets. 
  • Maintaining synchronization across multiple calendars can be tricky. Making changes or updates to an event in one calendar may not automatically reflect in others, leading to inconsistencies and confusion. Keeping all calendars up to date requires diligent effort. 
  • Multiple calendars mean an increase in the sheer volume of deadlines, notifications, and tasks that must be managed. This can result in an information overload making it difficult to prioritize key issues and remain in control of your events.  
  • Calendar tools can often be limiting in their user interface functionalities. They may not allow the user to integrate and manage several calendars at one time or from a single place. This adds to navigational as well as organizational challenges. 
  • Lack of centralization can make accessing multiple calendars a major inconvenience. Switching between different applications, locations or devices can be aggravating. So too is the inability to aggregate various calendars into a single view for an overarching view at a single glance. 

To overcome these challenges, municipalities need a tool that can support synchronization, integration, and collaboration; and one that enables ease of communication.  

Benefits of using the right tool

Having the right tool for the job can turn an onerous task into a blueprint for efficiency. For event planning and organization, the right tool is one that can help you do the following: 

Collaboration across departments and teams is necessary to ensure stakeholders are all in sync. Shared calendars and messaging tools can enable real time collaboration. 

An accurate scheduling tool will allow organizers to effectively manage dates, times, and durations of events. It is especially critical when dealing with multiple events. 

Efficient allocation of resources is critical to the success of Government events. To ability to track and manage resources such as equipment and personnel can make or break an event. Event calendar tools offer features to track resource availability and assign them to specific events. This optimizes resource utilization, eliminates duplication, and reduces overall costs. 

Effective communication is critical for event success. Calendar tools integrate communication features such as notifications, reminders, and messaging capabilities. These features enable event organizers to send updates, reminders, and important announcements to attendees, speakers, and staff members, ensuring everyone is well-informed pre, during, and post the event. 

Resident engagement is a key result of many government events. A good calendar tool can make it easy for citizens to receive information on registrations, event details and can be used to solicit feedback critical to the optimization of future events and for fostering citizen engagement. 

Reporting and Analytics are important in understanding the success (or failure) of an event. A useful tool should provide the information you need to generate attendance reports, evaluate event success, and gather feedback from attendees to improve future events. 

The Govstack Advantage

The Govstack Events solution is designed to address many of the challenges organizers face in their quest to successfully manage municipal events. 

  • The Events calendar makes it easy for organizers to create multiple calendars and aggregate them in a single view for better collaboration and communication across departments and teams. 
  • It helps to strengthen community events by making it easy for staff to promote across cultures to draw communities together, and it allows your residents to share their events and to add event information to their personal calendars. 
  • The Govstack platform centralizes the tools needed for effective calendar management from a single place, eliminating the need to juggle disparate tools and platforms.  
  • Workflows for event registrations, subscriptions and notifications can all be easily created and managed to help maximize your promotional activities and drive interest in your events.  

Event planning and execution involves several moving parts. As technology continues to advance, event management calendar tools will play an increasingly significant role in shaping how governments manage their events. To achieve successful outcomes for both government organizations and the citizens they serve, they will need the right tool for the job. That tool is one that is integrated into a centralized platform that streamlines event planning, enhances collaboration, and engages with the public effectively. The Govstack platform offers all of that and more. 

Reach out to us today and find how Govstack Events can help you take control of your calendar.