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Optimize your service delivery with Govstack Forms

By Madeline Weber
Published March 17, 2023

As municipalities work towards moving services online, sourcing out a platform that is efficient, easy to use and automated to reduce costs is the common goal. Govstack Forms is your solution for solving common service delivery challenges with easy-to-create online forms with eCommerce capability. For a better understanding of how to optimize your forms, consider the following:

Q – We have online forms for some services but would like to move everything to an online format. What city services does Govstack Forms support?

A – Govstack Forms has robust capabilities to support all city services that require forms or payment options. The most popular services used by our clients include burn permits, dog tag registrations, marriage licenses, business applications, online billing for water and hydro, pre-payment set ups and submitting claims.

Q – We have an abundance of forms housed in different systems and formats like fillable PDFs, paper forms and some online forms, how do I keep track of them all?  

A – Make it easier for your staff to locate, collaborate, and report crucial information with Govstack Forms. Centralize your forms into one online platform where you can create folders to categorize different purposes or departments to fit your organization’s needs. Use the search functionality to capture multiple forms to review status and compile form details. Review individual responses easily or download in bulk to compile data and get insights.

Q – Collaborating and getting approval on forms with different departments and administrators can be a hassle, not to mention, time consuming. How does Forms streamline this for us?

A – Govstack Forms allows you create workflows for form creation so your staff can develop the form, get it approved and then publish it to your website, all in one seamless workflow. Plus, get email notifications for each stage and to each user involved to ensure your forms are completed on time. 

Digitize your forms

Q – Completing a marriage license application for your residents can be protracted with multiple handoffs. Not to mention the mail delays if this process is still in paper format! How does Govstack Forms solve this?

A – Switch your marriage license applications to online with Govstack Forms. Develop workflows that allow you to create stopping points, to pass back to administrator for review, before having the couple complete the form. It’s a great way to catch spelling errors or incorrect or missing information.

Q – Capturing form responses and turning them into valuable insights can be a challenge when you use paper forms or fillable PDFs that do not centralize common data. Does Govstack Forms offer a better solution?

A – There are many ways to maximize obtaining data insights from your form submissions with Govstack Forms. You can easily report on the responses you receive through the digitizing of the data; quickly review data directly in the platform or download the data to customize and sort for a clearer picture.

Q – Our team is looking for ways to create efficiency. What’s the Govstack Forms solution?

A – Automate and optimize how information is collected and managed and free your staff to focus on more meaningful work to better meet the needs of your residents.

Q – Our PDF forms just don’t cut it when it comes to the more complex processes needed for some forms like business licence applications. How does Govstack Forms help?

A – Govstack Forms allows you to show or hide certain questions based on the applicants previous answers in the form. This helps keep the form streamlined for residents filling out the forms, but also allows your administrative staff to maximize one form to satisfy many use-cases. For example, you can create business licence application forms with this logic so you can gather specific information from business owners, whether they’re in construction, contracting, real estate or retail.

Q – We have online forms but still manage the payment manually or on a different system. What’s the Govstack Forms solution?

A – Govstack Forms can be integrated with eCommerce capabilities to allow your team to centralize payments, link their form response directly to a third-party payment provider, and ensure residents have an end-to-end online experience. Plus, Govstack Forms gives you the ability to streamline your various service eCommerce setups into separate municipal payment accounts for your different departments, whether it’s specific for business programs, animal services, recreation and more – a finance team’s dream solution!

Do these scenarios sound familiar to your organization? Contact us to learn more about Govstack Forms and how your organization can optimize your city services online for increased resident satisfaction and increased efficiency.