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5 Best Free Fire Emotes That Were Available For Free in 2021

The popularity of Emotes in Free Fire is obvious, it is the most desirable item among players trying to get them. The developers have introduced a variety of new emotes in Garena Free Fire throughout the Years. Mostly, players need to spend diamonds to get the desired emotes however, some were also given to players at no cost.

In 2021, Garena has introduced a wide variety of new items which can be obtained through Events, redeem codes and other ways, several emotes were also available for free. Here you can check out the 5 best Free Fire Emotes released this year.

Top 5 Free Fire Emotes given for Free in 2021

1) Chicken Emote

Chicken emote free fire
Chicken Emote (image via Free Fire)

Chicken emote is one of the popular emotes that were given for free as a part of the Livestream Milestone reward in the FFIC (Free Fire India Championship) finals that took place in October.

There was a 400K Views Milestone and when it was crossed, players received a Gold token and get a chance to claim the Chicken emote or any of the other three rewards.

2) One Finger Push Up

One finger push up emote
One Finger Push Up Emote (Image via Youtube)

The One finger Push Up emote was also given as a part of the Milestone reward in FFIC finals. A redeem code offering “Brave Crystals” were accessible to players and the players had a chance to choose the emote as well.

3) FFWS 2021

Ffws 2021 emote
FFWS 2021 Emote (image via Free Fire)

The legendary FFWS 2021 emote was released in a Simple event in Free Fire World Series finals as a reward.

On May 29, Players needed to play Free Fire for a total of 100 Minutes to claim this emote for free of cost.

4) Dribble King

Dribble king emote
Dribble King Emote (image via Free Fire)

Dribble king emote was available in a top-up event where players needed to purchase a specific number of diamonds to get that emote.

The topup event was a part of Booyah Day which took place in November and players had to topup 500 diamonds in their FF account.

5) Big Smash Emote

Big smash emote free fire
Big Smash Emote (image via Youtube)

The Big Smash is one of the best emote released this year, the emote performs an incredible action where the character spins and smash a giant Pan onto the Ground.

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