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Chrono (CR7) to be Removed from Free Fire? Know Why?

NOTE: Garena has not shared the removal of Chrono (CR7) Character From Free Fire, The Information shared in this article is the Opinion of the FF Community.

In the New OB30 Update, Garena has introduced an item called “Biochip”. It contains the ability/Skill of the Jai Character which was recently removed from Free Fire.

chrono remove from free fire
Chrono remove from free fire

Free Fire Community speculating that it may happen with Chrono as well, In this article, we will see the Reason why Chrono may be removed from Free Fire.

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Reason Why Chrono (CR7) May be Removed from Free Fire?

With the OB30 update, Garena has brought several changes in Free Fire Characters ability which includes Chrono (CR7) as well whose ability got a nerf on Shield, Speed, and Ability cooldown time.

Chrono (CR7) to be Removed from Free Fire? Know Why?
Chrono (CR7) to be Removed from Free Fire

To share the Changes, Garena has not used the image of Chrono instead they shown a Shadow of him. Not only in Indian Server, In all regions they showed a shadow to share the changes of the character.

With Recent changes in Chrono Ability and the way Garena not using Chrono’s image, People are believing that in the near future, Garena may remove the Character.

If Chrono may be removed from Free Fire then his ability will available in Biochip in In-Game Store same as Jai’s ability.

chrono character
chrono character

If Garena Removes Chrono from the game then players who have it can use his character.

What do you think Chrono should be removed or Should not be removed from Free Fire, Comment Down!

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