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Free Fire Diwali Calendar 2021 Leaked: See All the Rewards

Every year, Free Fire comes up with a New Free Fire Diwali Event 2021. The time is close so here we are providing all the leaks of the Upcoming Free Fire Diwali Event 2021, Here you go!

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Free Fire Diwali Event Calendar 2021:

Free Fire Diwali event calendar 2021
Free Fire Diwali event calendar 2021

All the Upcoming Free Fire Diwali event calendar leaked information is taken from a Free Fire Data Miner named KnightClown, KnightClown has posted a Diwali Event calendar 2021, All the leaks are 99% accurate. As per leaks, the Diwali events should start on 25 October 2021 and will end on 11 November 2021.

The List of All Free Fire Diwali events are as follows:

#1. Lone Wolf Mode Open

The Lone Wolf Mode will open again from 25 October and close on 4 November. The Mode was earlier available on OB29 Update, We could see improvements in this Lone Wolf Mode.

#2. Charge the Portal to Come Home

According to the Leaked calendar, We might get a Free Pet with 2 Legendary Gun skins. This event will also start on 25 October and will end on 7 November 2021.

#3. Pick Your Own Diwali Hamper

Well there is not much information revealed yet but we might get to see a New Bat skin. This event will start on 29 October and end on 7 November 2021.

#4. Rang De Rangoli

In this event, We might get a new Bundle as a reward. This event will start on 27 October and ends on 7 November 2021.

#5. CountDown To Diwali

The expected rewards we might get is Gun crates, weapon voucher and more. This event will start from 2 November to 4 November 2021.

#6. Claim Free Magic Cube

Players can claim a Free Magic cube on 4 November 2021. This event will only be valid for a Day.

#7. Diwali Party

Based on the leaked Free Fire Diwali Calendar, It appears that we may get a emote as a reward.

#8. After Party Gifts

Players will likely get multiple weapon crates, vouchers, and more in this event.

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All the Information is just leaks and this Free Fire Diwali Celebration event is not officially confirmed by Garena. However, We will expect an announcement about the events very soon.

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