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Free Fire Leaks: A New Map “Shangri-La” Might Release in OB31 Update

Finally Free Fire is getting a New Map instead of a Remastered version of an Old Map, as per leaks this New map “Shangri-La” might release in the OB31 Update on November 30.

Garena Free Fire has only 4 Maps (including the remastered version of Bermuda), However, Compared to other Battle Royale games like PUBG, the number of maps in the Free Fire is still very small, that’s why a new map is definitely needed.😋

In this article, We will check out everything about the Free Fire Newly leaked Map “Shangri-La”.

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Leaks: New Shangri-La Map in Free Fire

This leak came from the most trustworthy free fire data miner, Knight Clown. Recently, He shared an image of a new map in his instagram handle with the title “New Map Shangri-La“.

Locations of “Shangri-La” Map

  • Snowfall
  • Garrison
  • Railroad
  • Militia
  • Carousel
  • Sunside
  • Dock
  • Ocean View
  • Forest Red
  • Basecamp
  • Fusion
  • River Mouth
  • Rye
  • Vantage
  • Stadium
  • Blue Ville

This Map doesn’t look like a Remastered version of any other map, however, it looks like a combination of Purgatory and Bermuda map.

Shangri-La Map Release Date?

The Free Fire Data Miner Knight Clown has not shared any information when this Map might be released. However, another trustworthy dataminer bartff also shared in his post that a new map would be featured in the OB31 Update.🗺️

Here’s Bartff post:

He further added that this map might not be a permanent edition (as the map has the reference to Snow and Christmas ⛄) and will only available for a limited time.

Shangri-La doesn’t look like a Snow map because the Snow ❄️ only covers the Top-Left part of the map.

If this map is a part of the OB31 Update, then this Shangri-La Map would be released on November 30, 2021.

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