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Free Fire Season 44 Elite Pass (January 2022): Check out Leaked Rewards

Free Fire Upcoming Elite Pass of season 44 is coming on 1st January 2022, called the Cosmic Booyah, this elite pass is yet to come and will start when the previous one Season 43 Elite Pass Ends.

Free Fire Season 44 Elite Pass is based on a space fantasy theme. And i am sure you will like it. Check out the leaked trailer, bundles, weapon skins, and more.

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Free Fire Season 44 Elite Pass (January 2022)

The upcoming Season 44 Elite Pass will be released on New Year’s day (January 1,2022), it is based on a Space fantasy themed. Let’s see the leaked trailer, bundles and more.

Leaked Trailer


The Season 44 bundle is like a Anstronaut or an alien costume with colorful spots giving it a cartoon like Design.

Free Fire Season 44 Elite Pass Leaked Rewards

Here’s the premium rewards that you will get to see in the Elite Pass:

Vehicle Skin

Vehicle skin
Vehicle Skin

The Vehicle skin of the Elite pass is very colorful and that makes it more fancy.

Kar98K Skin

Kar98K Skin
Kar98K Skin

You can check the kar98k skin in the above Image, there is no attributes of this skin so it is just for show.

Female Bundle

Season 44 female Bundle
Female Bundle

The bundle has a alien-like head and the whole female bundle has a funky design.

Surfboard Skin

Surfboard Skin
Surfboard Skin

I like the surfboard design, it looks like a meteroid blasting, and in my opinion this is the best skin in the Season 44 Elite Pass.

Mag-7 Skin

Mag-7 skin
Mag-7 Skin

Currently, Mag-7 is one of the most popular shotgun in free fire. Its attributes is not known at this time.

Male Bundle

Season 44 male bundle
Male Bundle

Like the female Bundle, the male Bundle is also has a funky design with a Alien-like head and colorful shirt.

Backpack Skin

Backpack skin
Backpack Skin

The backpack skin looks like a Jetpack. The whole elite pass is based on space fantasy.

Lootbox Skin

Lootbox skin
lootbox skin

The Lootbox skin looks like a Rocket. As i said earlier, the whole Design of the Free Fire Season 44 elite pass is space and alien themed.


There is no Emote in the season 44 Elite Pass.

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