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Free Fire Upcoming Events in October 2021

After the OB30 update, Free Fire has scheduled some amazing upcoming events in this October month. Free Fire is collaborating with Venom 2 which will come with many new events. So in this article, we’ll see Free Fire upcoming events in October 2021.

We are 99% sure that these events are coming in this October.

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Free Fire Upcoming Events in October 2021

So here is the list of upcoming events that will surely come:

#1. Faded Wheel: Skull Punker Bundle

Free Fire upcoming events
Skull Punker Bundle

This Bundle will be available in India Server in Faded Wheel from 6 October 2021.

#2. Doctor Scarlett and Doctor Red Bundle

Upcoming Doctor Scarlett and Doctor Red Bundle 🔥 #tonightupdate #upcoming #ffnewevent #ffevent #ff

This is a new bundle that came with OB30 Update, Soon available in India Server and other servers.

#3. Upcoming Emotes

Watch the full video of upcoming emotes that will be available soon!

#4. Incubator AN94 Skin

Watch the full review video of the upcoming Incubator AN94 Skin, Available Soon in India.

#5. Free Fire x Venom Collaboration Events

Free Fire x Venom Collaboration
Venom 2 x Free Fire

In this collaboration, https://youtu.be/rjh-sRuSNIwmany new Events will come, with some amazing rewards you can check the upcoming events in this article.

#6. OB30 Avatars and Banners

Free fire upcoming events
All OB30 Avatars and Banners

All the upcoming avatars and banners will be available soon in the game.

All these events may come in October month, See ya!

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