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How to Get a Free Magic Cube in the Free Fire New Age Event

New Age is one of the best events in Garena Free Fire this year. Alongside various Free rewards like Costumes, bundles, Skins and of course Magic Cube fragments which is probably the most valuable among them.

In this article, we will guide you on how you can obtain a Free Magic cube from the Free Fire New Age event.

How to Get a Free Magic Cube?

Magic cube free fire
Magic Cube

On the 1st of January, Magic Cube fragments will drop after every match and players can obtain up to 100 fragments which is enough to get a Magic Cube. However, the drop rate of fragments after a match has not been disclosed yet but it is likely to be either 20 (5 matches in total) or 25 (4 matches in total).

Players can easily complete the event and get a Magic cube in exchange for 100 cube fragments from the shop.

Best Bundles to exchange for a Magic Cube

Night Clown Bundle

Night clown bundle free fire
Night Clown Bundle

Night Clown is one of the oldest and most used bundles of Magic cube in the game. It was added back in November 2018 and becomes popular ever since. It was inspired by the movie character Pennywise.

King’s Sword Bundle

King sword bundle free fire
King’s Sword Bundle

It is a Full Armor suit that covers the player fully from head to the toe. King sword bundle is popular among players because of its look. King sword bundle was added to the game in March 2019 and was only be obtained from diamonds.

Crazy Panda

Crazy panda is also one of the earliest bundles released in Free Fire. It is a female bundle inspired by a Panda. The in-game description says “Not Possible to hurt anyone in this”.

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