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Clash of Clans: How To Find Dead Bases With 1M+ Loot in 2022?

Finding dead bases with high loot in every raid is a dream of every Clash of Clans Player. It’s easier to grab all the resources from a dead base without much effort, sometimes you don’t even need to use your full army.

There are several ways from which you can easily grab tons of loot to upgrade your defenses, Troops, Heroes, and more. here in this article, we will share a few effective methods to find Dead Bases with 1M+ Loots in Clash of Clans (COC).

What are Dead Bases in Clash of Clans?

Most of you might know what they are but still, I will give short info. A Dead base is a base that has not been active for a long time, this means the player hasn’t opened the account for a long time or stopped playing Clash of Clans.

COC Dead Base Example
Th 8 Dead Base (image via Clash of Clans)

It is stated in Clash of Clans that a base that hasn’t been played for more than 57 hours will be flagged dead by the system. You can either identify a Dead Bases easily by looking at:

  • Collectors and Mines are completely full (or almost filled);
  • Inferno Towers, Eagle Artillery and Xbows are dead/ not re-filled.
  • No League Badge

How to find Dead Bases in Clash of Clans? (Secret Methods to find 1M+ Loots)

Clash of Clans Loot Forecaster

Clash of Clans Loot Forecaster
Clash of Clans Loot Forecaster

You might have heard about this, COC Loot Forecaster is an excellent method to find the exact time of high loot all over the world.

Just like Weather Forecaster, COC Loot Forecaster works on the same principle. It predicts the real-time and country-wise data of active or offline players in Clash of Clans.

With the help of this, you can actually find the best time to attack and gather the most loot in COC. To understand how this forecaster works, watch this video:

Clash of Clans Forecaster - COC how to find dead bases

Loot Index is measured on a scale of 1-10, at a certain time, the loot index can be high or low according to the users’ behavior.

If the Loot Index shows 10 (green) then it is the best time to gather the most loot. However, the loot index of 1 (red) means that the active users are pretty high and you shouldn’t attack that time as you will only get active bases.

The Loot Index of 5 (yellow) is measured to be decent, which shows that you have a decent chance of finding bases with decent loot.

Low Trophy Farming

Low trophy farming can be a good option to get a decent amount of loot and dead bases in Clash of Clans. Although, those who are in the high league i.e. Titan, Legend might not like the idea.

Low League = High Loot
Low League = High Loot (image via Kenny Jo)

To get this working, you need to lower your rank, which means if you are in Champion then you’ll have to reduce your trophies down to Crystal or gold. According to many players, the best league to farm high loot and dead bases is CRYSTAL III.

What League Should you Farm in? (Clash of Clans)

Those players who aren’t active for a long time get attacked several times thus, reducing their rank. They are ideally stuck in the Gold or Crystal league. If you didn’t like the idea at all then the Loot Forecaster is the one you should try out!

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