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Pokemon Sacred Gold and Storm Silver Download, Features & more

There are many Pokemon DS ROMs out there however, there are only a few good ROMs that are worth playing that might be because most GBA hacks can be easily accessed but if you are looking for some good DS ROM hacks then Pokemon Sacred Gold and Storm Silver is the one you should try.

Pokemon Sacred Gold and Storm Silver is a ROM hack based on the Gen 4 remake of Gold and Silver with an excellent array of updates and additions. The developer of this hack has also made a couple of DS ROMs.

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Pokemon Sacred Gold and Storm Silver Story, Features and Other Details


Since this ROM is based on Gold and Silver, therefore, the storyline is also the same. There are no relevant changes in the plot so if you have already played Gold and silver then you may know where to go and what to do next.


There are two versions of this game, i.e. Classic and Full Version. The classic version is the old one where the hack is good however, it doesn’t have fairy types. Whereas, the complete version as the name suggests, is the one that has all the updates and features including the Fairy-type pokemon.

The lineup of some characters has also been changed and another good thing is that you don’t need to trade pokemon to evolve them.

Some Notable Features:

  • 493 Pokemon included.
  • Fairy-type available (Complete Version Only)
  • Trainers have different than in the original game
  • Players can obtain all TMs.
  • Some items are restricted
  • Can evolve pokemon without trading
  • Minor changes in the storyline

Pokemon Sacred Gold and Storm Silver Download

Pokemon Sacred Gold and Storm Silver Screenshots

This ROM hack is based on the original Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver, developed by mikelan98 (Fairy-type)/ Drayano (Classic Version). You can download both versions from here.

Remember to use Heart Gold for the Sacred Gold patch and Soul Silver for the Storm Silver patch. If you don’t know how to patch these ROMs then watch this video:

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