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Citizen Insights: Measuring success for citizen engagement

Understanding the needs of your citizens is crucial for effective governance. It can impact the effectiveness of the services you provide, the programs and policies you implement, and the success of your economic development initiatives.  

Society has increasingly moved to a digital service delivery mindset. Demands and expectations have changed dramatically. Understanding what those changes mean to your organization makes the difference between an engaged and satisfied citizenry and one that is disconnected from their government. 

Our Citizen Insight Report contains an in-depth look at citizen needs and civic engagement.  

In it you will find information on: 

  • The types of online services citizens are seeking  
  • The benefits of providing a citizen portal 
  • The kinds of devices citizens use to access government services 
  • The positive impact of digitizing services for both government agencies and citizens 

Download this free resource and get started on building a more citizen centric model for your community.