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Adding Tables to Widgets

Citizen Portal provides the ability for our City Administrators to create their own tables to the expanded view of formatted widgets. Tables can be used for location widgets and integration widgets. The content of these Tables depends on what information the city sends back in the API for the expanded view. 

Adding a table

To add a table to a location or an integration widget, you need to:

  1. Follow the instructions for adding an integration or location-based widget
  2. Select the "Formatted widget" from the "Widget sub-types" field in the Configuration menu
  3. In the "Content" section, select “Add Table” button
  4. Complete the table details 

Table details

Once you've selected "Add Table", you can customize the way the table will appear in Citizen Portal. Review each of the fields and learn how to complete the set-up process.

Enter the table title in the text field. Please note that the table title should match the key in the API response.

Please note that this is an optional field. If you would like to provide a table subtitle, enter the subtitle in the text field. The subtitle will appear below the table title.

Saving table details

Once you have completed all chart details, select the “Add” button to add the chart to the widget. An entry will be added to the table below the “Add chart ” button in the "Content" section.

Editing and deleting tables

To edit or delete the table, select the "Actions" dropdown menu next to the table. From the dropdown menu, select "Edit" to open the table details and make any necessary edits, or select "Delete" to remove the table from the widget.