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Events added by public users and employee users must receive approval before they will appear on a public calendar. When an event is added to a calendar, the Calendar Administrator will receive an email notification indicating that a new event is awaiting approval.

Approve a pending event

From the Govstack Events “Home” page, select “Approvals” from the toolbar located near the top of the page. The “Approvals” page will display a list of all events that are pending approval.

To review and publish an event:

  1. Click the “Review” icon next to the event
  2. Review the event details and make any necessary modifications
  3. Select the “Approve” or “Reject” button at the bottom of the page

Once you've accepted or rejected an event, you'll automatically be taken to an email editor so that you can draft a response to the person who submitted the event. A generic email will load by default. You can make changes and customize the response as necessary.

Rejecting an event

If you reject an event because it isn't suitable or you don't have enough information, it will be permanently removed. You will need to resubmit the event if you'd like to post it at a future date.