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What Can I do with Govstack Events?

Govstack Events provides a simple way to schedule, communicate and manage events for your organization. With an easy-to-navigate internal and public interface, Govstack Events will make your job easier.

Public submissions

Govstack Events can help you reduce the number of administrative hours spent adding events to your organizational calendars. Members of the public, employees and administrators all can all create accounts and add events.

Individuals can also subscribe to specific calendars and events to stay up-to-date.

User management and approvals

Through our internal user management feature, you can set a variety of different user permissions that allows for a review and approval process for each event that is added to the calendar. This way you can ensure that everything that appears on the calendar is supported by your organization.

Calendar set up

You can create new calendars in a variety of different categories. This makes it easy for the public to search and find events that interest them. You also have the ability to create internal calendars that can be used by staff and employees as well as public-facing calendars that are visible to the public. Learn more about how to add a calendar and create a view.