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Learning Centre

Media, Images and Documents

The 'Media' tab in the Govstack Main Menu is home to all the media files on your website. You can upload a variety of file types in the back office of Govstack, including:

  • Audio files
  • Images
  • PDF documents
  • Vector files
  • Videos

You can then add these files to a variety of content components on your web pages.

Create a media folder

Before you can upload any type of file to the back office of Govstack, you need to create a media folder to add files to.

Add a document

Learn how to upload document files so you can link to PDFs and other documents on your website.

Add and edit images

Find out how to upload image files to the Govstack CMS so you can add them to content components. You can also edit image crops and focus points to customize the look of each page.

Add a video, audio or vector file

Learn how to upload video, audio or vector files to use in content components.