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Global Node

The Global Node controls universal content, navigation and layout settings that are shared by all the pages on your website. This includes footers, module windows, notifications and more.

If you have multiple websites in Govstack, each one may have its own Global Node.

Add Global Content

Use the Global Content tab to add universal components that will appear on every page of your website, such as modal windows and content components that will display at the top or bottom of your pages.

Create reusable content

In the Global Node you can create different types of reusable content to save time when adding and updating web pages that share the same content. Learn how to create reusable components and reusable pods which you can then add to any web page or to your Global Content.


Learn how to create a universal page footer, add content components to the footer and adjust its appearance.


Learn how to use the Global Node to set up and adjust the page menu and navigation on your website according to your sitemap.


Access the Global Node settings to control universal page settings and content on your website.