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News and Alerts

The Govstack content management system (CMS) allows you to create and post news items and alert pop-up banners to your website.

Create a news post

Learn how to create a news post in the Govstack CMS and how to schedule a post to be published in advance.

Set up a news category

Discover how to set up a news category. For example, you may want to have a separate category for road closures and another category for Council news. Users can subscribe to individual categories and get notifications when a new story is published. 

Insert a news feed onto a content page

You can insert a news feed onto a standard content page.

Add news authors

Learn how you can add news authors to the Govstack CMS and attribute news posts to specific authors

Subscribe to news posts

Explore how the news subscriptions work and learn how your users can subscribe to news posts.


You can create alerts as a pop-up or banner that will appear when users visit your website, or specific pages of your website.

Learn how to:

Configuring the main news page

Your website will have a centralized 'News' page, where users can find the newest posts, search your news feed, discover different news categories and subscribe. You can configure how this page appears to users by navigating to the 'News' node in the left-hand tree menu under the 'Content' tab.

Within your 'News' node, select the 'Content' tab. Here, you can set up the introductory content for your main News page. You have the option to:

  • Choose a layout for your News page. The 'Left' option allows the news search tool/Subscribe button to appear on the right-hand side of the screen, and your news post listing on the left. The 'Right' option allows the news search tool/Subscribe button to appear on the left-hand side of the screen, and your news post listing on the right. The 'Full' option presents your news post listing across the whole screen and removes the news search tool/Subscribe button 
  • Insert a page heading (if different than 'News') and a secondary heading
  • Hide page headings
  • Insert introductory text to your News page, which will be displayed above your news posts on the first page of your listing.

You can insert 'Extra Content', such as content components, above your news listing and below your news listing.

Under the 'Navigation' tab in the 'News' node, you can choose to:

  • Hide your news listing from all navigation
  • Hide your news listing from internal search
  • Hide the auto-generated breadcrumb for the News page
  • Enter custom HTML sitemap link text for your page's name
  • Enter custom breadcrumb link text for your page's name

Under the 'SEO and Share' tab for your 'News' node, you can improve the search engine optimization for your News page, including:

  • Adding a page title and description that appears in search engine results
  • Add a social share image
  • Add a Twitter username for the creator/author
  • Hide the page from search engines
  • Stop internal links from being followed
  • Determine your News page's sitemap XML priority and change frequency
  • Override the default canonical URL added to your News page
  • Provide an alternative name for your News page

Under the 'Advanced' tab in your 'News' node, you can choose to override the Global Node (such as when using a new page configuration that does not follow the rest of the website), hide the website's header or footer, choose to override the 'Design Style' for the News page, including its logo and content direction, and more.