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Menu and Navigation

The Govstack content management system (CMS) allows you to easily and intuitively set up your website's public-facing navigation menu and structure.

Building your website's main navigation menu

Learn how to build out your website's main navigation:

Secondary navigation

Depending on your Govstack theme, you may be able to place a secondary menu on your website, which sits alongside your main navigation menu. The design of your header will determine where this menu sits. You can pick any page of your website to add links to this menu, similar to the main navigation menu.

To add a secondary navigation menu to your website:

  1. Navigate to your Global Node.
  2. Select 'Navigation'.
  3. Select the 'Secondary' tab.
  4. Select 'Add' to add a link and link icon to your secondary navigation menu.


Learn how to add and edit your website footers

Member navigation menus

In your Global Node's Navigation section, under the 'Member' tab, you can set the navigation for the Members area of your website (where users require a password to enter). 

You can:

  • Change the default heading of your navigation in the 'Navigation heading' field
  • Add page links and icons to the 'Logged in Members Navigation' menu in the 'Logged in members navigation' field by selecting 'Add'
  • Add page links and icons to the 'Logged out Members Navigation' menu in the 'Logged out members navigation' field by selecting 'Add'

Call to action (CTA) buttons

In your Global Node's Navigation section, under the 'CTA' tab, you can add important sitewide call to action buttons. These buttons will appear in a prominent position on your website. The location of the button will depend on your Govstack theme.

Select the 'Add' button to add a CTA button link to your website.

Advanced navigation options

In your Global Node's Navigation section, under the 'Advanced' tab, you are able to prevent users in the Govstack back office from deleting your Navigation node. We recommend switching this to 'Yes'. 

Navigation-based content components

Within the content of an individual page of your website, you can add navigation-based components that direct users to other areas of your site, such as:

Hiding page content from website navigation

Under the 'Navigation' tab of any page menu in your Govstack back office, you can choose if you would like to hide any aspects of your new page from your website, including from all automatically generated navigation, the internal search function and breadcrumb navigation (the hierarchical navigation showing a user's location in the website - i.e., Living Here>Parks and Facilities>Spencer Park).

You can also choose to hide the sub navigation menu from the page and modify the page's link text presented in the sub navigation menu, the HTML sitemap and the breadcrumb link from this tab.

Govstack back office navigation

View more information about how to navigate Govstack's back office.