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View Individual Responses

You can view each individual form response on Govstack Forms. Set up email options so that you receive a notification every time someone completes a form.

To view individual responses:

  1. Navigate to the “List” in Govstack Forms
  2. Click the “View Responses” button next to the appropriate form
  3. Select “View Individual Responses” from the vertical menu on the left of the page

This will take you to the “Individual Responses” page. You can also access individual responses by opening the form and selecting the “Responses” tab from the toolbar located at the top of the form.

View an individual response

Once on the “Individual Responses” page, you can use the search options to find a particular response. You can search the responses by date, keyword or status.

Select the “View Response” button located next to the form response you'd like to view in more detail. Each response is identified by a completion date and reference number.

Delete a response

From the “Individual Responses” page, you can delete a response. Use the search options to find the response you want to delete. You can search by date, keyword or status.

Select the “Delete Response” button located next to the response you'd like to delete.

Customize the individual response view

Adding a custom individual response view will help you search through all individual responses.

To customize the individual response view:

  1. Select the “Configure Columns Displayed in Search Results” button at the top of the individual response list
  2. Click the “Insert Column After...” button to the right of an existing column
  3. Complete the fields on the “Configure Columns” pop-up box
  4. Click the “Save” button to add a new column

This will add a column to help identify each response. For example, you may want to add a column that links to a specific question from the form. If you are creating a program registration form, you may want to create a custom view that indicates the program date selected by the respondent in the date field.

Configure columns

When adding a custom view, you'll be asked to configure the new column. Complete each necessary field in the “Configure Columns” pop-up box.

In the “Column Heading” field, enter a title for the new column.

In the “Column Value” field, enter the token that represents the data you'd like to appear in the column. Tokens are shortcuts that will pull a response from one of the fields on your form into the column. To view a complete list of tokens, select the “View Available Tokens” button located at the bottom of the form.

In the “Column Width (%)” field, enter the width of your new column as a percentage. The total width of all columns can't exceed 100%.