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Member Login Form

When you are creating password-protected content in your Govstack CMS, you need to link to a login form page that users who have been given member access will use to view the content.

Create a login form for password-protected content

You can create a login form directly on a page in the Govstack CMS. To do this, you need to:

  1. Navigate to your Govstack CMS from the Govstack dashboard
  2. Under the 'Content' tab in the Govstack main menu, add a new page
  3. Enter a name for the page that members will see when they open the form (i.e., "Login Page")
  4. Select the 'Add content' button under the 'Main content' area of the page 'Content' tab
  5. This will open the 'Add content' slide-out panel
  6. From here, select the 'Form' component
  7. Next to 'Form type', select 'Login Form'
  8. Next to 'Login success page', click 'Add'. Select the password-protected page you want members to arrive on if they successfully log in
  9. Next to 'Reset password request page', click 'Add'. Select the password reset request form you want members to arrive on if they are unable to log in
  10. The login form will simply have a username and password field, but you can add additional details such as a heading, secondary heading, introduction text and a button field
  11. Click 'Submit' when you are finished
  12. Select 'Save and Publish' to activate the login form