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Member Registration Form

You can manually add members to member groups to view password-protected content on your Govstack CMS, or you can prompt users to register as members themselves using a member registration form. Depending on the type of password-protected content you are creating, you may prefer to have users sign up themselves to view the content.

Create a member registration form

To create a member registration form that users can submit to join a member group and get access to password-protected content, you need to:

  1. Navigate to your Govstack CMS from the Govstack dashboard
  2. Under the 'Content' tab in the Govstack main menu, add a new page
  3. Enter a name for the page that users will see when they open the form (i.e., Member Registration)
  4. Select the 'Add content' button under the 'Main content' area of the page 'Content' tab
  5. This will open the 'Add content' slide-out panel
  6. From here, select the 'Form' component
  7. Next to 'Form type', select 'Register Form'
  8. Next to 'Member groups', click 'Add'. Select the member groups that will be assigned to a new member after they register, then click 'Submit'
  9. Next to 'Set email address as username', toggle on or off whether you want the new member's email address to default as their username
  10. Next to 'Admin approval required', toggle on or off whether you want an admin member to have to approve the new member's registration
  11. Next to 'Email confirmation required', toggle on or off whether you want the new member to have to confirm their registration through email
  12. If you selected 'Yes' for 'Email confirmation required', you will then have to enter a message for the 'Member confirmation email'
  13. You can add a heading, secondary heading, introduction or button field to the registration form page, if you want
  14. Next to 'Submission message', enter the message you want new members to view after they submit the registration form
  15. Click 'Submit', then 'Save and publish' to activate the registration form

Confirmation email and submission message

You can choose to make members confirm their registration through email. Learn how to add a confirmation link to the email message and let members know about this requirement in their form submission message.

If your registration form requires new members to confirm their registration through email, you need to ensure that your email includes a confirmation link.

You can use the following placeholders in the email text which will autofill:

  • "[NAME]" will add the name that they entered in the registration form
  • "[CONFIRMATIONLINK]" will add a link which will confirm the member's registration once they click it

Example email message

For example, your registration confirmation email message could read:

Hi [NAME],

Thank you for registering. Please visit [CONFIRMATIONLINK] to complete your registration process.

After new members submit the registration form, they will view the 'Submission message'. If the form requires new members to confirm their registration through email, you should mention this in the submission message so they know to expect a confirmation email to complete their registration.

For example, the submission message could read:

"Please check your registered email to confirm your registration."